Opportunities for tourism businesses on www.ayfs9.com.cn

A presence on www.ayfs9.com.cn can help grow your business by connecting you with consumers considering a visit to New Zealand. A key role of the website is to drive qualified traffic to your website, email inbox or telephone.

There is no charge for listing on www.ayfs9.com.cn and your business information has the potential to be distributed widely through our partnerships with some of New Zealand’s regional tourism organisations.

Step 1: Get your business on www.ayfs9.com.cn

  • Create or review your business listing at www.register.www.ayfs9.com.cn
  • If you already have a listing then you will have an email address and a password. Enter it in the sign in fields on the right hand side.
  • If you do not have a listing, click on sign-up for free now. Then follow the steps to complete the sign up process and add your listing.  

Camera Sign in/Sign up to the Operator Database

Sign in/Sign up to the Operator Database

Camera Sign in/Sign up to the Operator Database

Sign in/Sign up to the Operator Database

Step 2: Make your listing accurate, compelling and complete  

Getting your listing working effectively is crucial to driving referrals to your business, and  we are here to assist you.

A business listing on www.ayfs9.com.cn will tell consumers where you are and what you do.  Once you have finished loading your information it will pass through an approval process before you will see it live. 

Trip Advisor ratings

On your business listing page you have the option to display your current Trip Advisor rating and most recent reviews to www.ayfs9.com.cn users.

Log in at www.register.www.ayfs9.com.cn and add your Trip Advisor business ID under your business and contact information. 

To locate your Trip Advisor business ID open your business page on www.tripadvisor.com and then copy the numerical portion of the website address (URL) that follows the letter 'd'.

For example the TripAdvisor business ID taken from the URL below is 256502

Please note it can take up to four weeks for your Trip Advisor rating to appear on www.ayfs9.com.cn If you wish to remove it, simply untick the box within your business listing on register.www.ayfs9.com.cn and click save.

Qualmark ratings

If your business is Qualmark rated, you can add your awards alongside  your listing. www.ayfs9.com.cn is synchronised with Qualmark's rating database.

To do this, add your Qualmark account ID in your listing in the Operator Database, then click ‘refresh’. Add your available awards to the ‘Selected Awards’ box by clicking on the add button.

To retrieve your Account ID please email [email protected] or call 0800 782 562.

Step 3: Loading travel deals and articles

Articles and travel deals provide tourism businesses with further opportunities to enhance their reputation and create conversion opportunities on www.ayfs9.com.cn.

Find out more about how to write good articles.

  1. Click on 'sign in' on www.ayfs9.com.cn. You don’t need to click on sign up as this is for anyone that wants to add content that isn’t an Operator.

    Camera Sign in to www.ayfs9.com.cn

    Sign in to www.ayfs9.com.cn

    Camera Sign in to www.ayfs9.com.cn

    Sign in to www.ayfs9.com.cn

  2. Sign in using exactly the same email and password you use for your business listing on the Operator Database.
  3. Manage your profile, add articles, and add travel deals.

    The Your Articles link is where you click to start adding content. This is also where you go to make changes to any articles you’ve created in the past.

    The Your Deals link will allow you to add travel deals both onto your articles and onto the site. The travel deal system shows you exactly what to do step by step.

A note about submitting events: Events should be major events that are likely to appeal to international visitors. As with articles, events that centre around a particular business offering will not be approved.

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